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Is there way to keep file tabs open in IntelliJ if those file are on mounted drive (ExpanDrive) and it got disconnected?
It's just annoying to reopen all tabs whenever I lose connection for a second and then immediately reconnect to network.

Thank you!

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To the best of my knowledge, no such feature exists. You can open a feature request for such, but my guess is that it would not be a high priority item for the development team. To me, your use case seems like a double edge case in that you 1) keep your files on a remote drive and 2) you have a flaky network connection. And dealing with the file system, while much much better in Java 7 than previous versions, is fraught with OS specific details. So that would increase development time. Again, just my guess/opinion. I'd still open the request, but recommend that you keep your expectations low.

As a workaround, are the files listed in the recent files dialog (Ctrl+E) after the network reconnects? I suspect not as I would think IDEA would see the file as having been deleted and they would therefore not be in the recent files dialog. But if they are, you can use that to reopen them (You can use the Ctrl and shift keys to select multiple files.)

My only other suggestion would be to revisit the use case that is dictating the use of the ExpanDrive. Is there another solution available? Without knowing the specifics of the use case that is driving your use of the ExpanDrive, I'm not sure if the following suggestions would work.

1) To solve the working remote issue, I personally use a portable external dive (an eSATA or USB-3 drive does not add any performance cost). I can then either work off the portable drive directly, or create symlinks and/or junctions on my various machines to the files/directories on my portable drive. I've been using this process for 7 years. Two of my co-workers liked it so much, they also do it and have been for 4 or 5 years. (For Windows, Link Shell Extension makes working with symlinks, hardlinks and junctions super easy.) Obviously, the one limitation of this solution is you need to have the drive with you. But hauling a small Laptop sized drive in an external enclosure to and from work is easy.

2) Could the files in your ExpanDrive be a in mercurial repository? You can then work on your files locally by cloning the repo on the ExpanDrive . You can then just sync the files between your local drive and the ExpanDrive. Since the only "foot print" of mercurial is the .hg file, even if your files on the ExpanDrive are checked out from some other version control, you can simply have that version control ignore the .hg directory. This might seem like a bit of a hassle on the surface, but I suspect in the end having to double sync your files is less of a hassle than having to constantly reopen files.

3) Is there some way to configure ExpanDrive (I've never used it) to be less temperamental and not break the connect unless it is "down" for more than some value?


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