Configuring SemanticMerge as IntelliJ external merge tool


We're about to release SemanticMerge for Java.

We are trying to configure it for IntelliJ (and Android Studio) to document how to use it as external tool.

We followed this steps:

1) We went to Settings / External Diff Tools and configure it as follows:
Path to executable: C:\Users\pablo\AppData\Local\PlasticSCM4\semanticmerge\semanticmergetool.exe
Parameters: -s %1 -b %2 -d %3 -r %4


2) We run a git merge and we select to run the "merge tool":


3) The merge involves a method that was first moved and also modified in parallel in the two contributors, which our SemanticMerge solves correctly:


4) But then after "save & exit" we go back to the dialog where it says "accept yours, accept theirs, merge" and the conflict seems to be still there. The file has been correctly modified on disk.

From here we've to press "accept yours" which is pretty strange since using built-in merge the conflict dissapears from the list after merging.

Is it possible to set it up in a better way or should we stick to this mechanism?



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Hi pablo,

it looks like there is a bug in our code that doesn't allow to merge correctly via external tool.
We've fired a bug report to track this issue:

Thanks for reporting the problem!

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Please note, that at least in 12.1.4 "Accept yours" is wrong choice - it does what is written, i. e. chooses src file. You need to manually add file (to mark it as resolved)

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If you are interested in the feature in general, you should also vote for

Would have been greate if JetBrains could have innovated here.


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