Project builds fine, but errors in editor are still highlighted.


I'm working on a jfx (java8ea) project. After another update of jdk I got bunch of strange error messages (red underlines of class names) in editors -

Class 'XXX' must either be declared abstract or implement abstract method 'impl_createPeer()' in 'Node'.

Both interal Build->Rebuild project and external maven build finish without any error. The question is how to get rid of those nasty in-editor errors?

Thank you!


Have you invalidated the cahces (File > Invalidate Cache) and restarted? It's possible the indexes are corrupt (or invalid) following the JDK update. That can happen if you update the JDK on disk but use the same JDK definition in IDEA.


Yes! Invalidating caches helped! Thank you very much!


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