How do I install EAP 13 separately from v12?

I'd like to try out EAP 13. How do I install EAP 13 separately from my current instal of v12? I'm referring ot the Mac versions.

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I don't work on Mac, but typically "just install": unpack/copy the application to new location (I mean, do not overwrite an old build), run, it will suggest to import old settings, and then will use new settings directory.

Maybe some Mac users will specify this more precisely.


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On a mac, simply install EAP 13 in a different directory. Not really any different from windows.

The old dock icon will still refer to the old v12 install. To get a 2nd icon in the dock, find EAP 13 in the new directory, and drag that to the dock. Remember which is which!


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