Merge from trunk shows too many revisions

When I am using the "merge from trunk" link I am getting too many revisions.

The first image shows the revisions IntelliJ shows me.

(Maybe too small - the revs are: ..., 3678 - 3681, 3683, 3685 - 3693, 3695, 3696, 3698 - 3701)
The second image shows the revisions that svn thinks are eligible (and these are the revisions I want to merge).
(Maybe it is too small - so revs are 3644 - 3649, 3693, 3695, 3696, 3698 - 3701)

So the newest ones are ok, but IntelliJ has a lot more revisions in the list (not shown in image).

Have I done something wrong? Do I have to configure something? Why is IntelliJ showing all these versions?

Using: 12.1.4 on Windows XP (yes it is still alive ;-)

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