Maven projects tool window contains incorrect module definitions

Apologies if this has already been reported.
'Maven projects' tool windows of IDEA contains maven module definitions of all open IDEA projects.
So if I have 2 projects open then maven projects window for project 1 shows maven modules for project 1 and project 2.
Is this intentional?
Build #7584



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Maven project window displays all the active projects.
If you opened two projects, it displays these very two project.

Does that embarrass you?

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I haven't yet decided if that embarasses me or not :)
I am not sure this is consistent behaviour as other tool windows (project, run, changes etc) show only current project-related information.
Another question is - if maven projects window shows ALL maven modules from all open projects. what happens if I click on 'synchronize with maven projects' button? It is fair to suggest that all displayed maven modules will be synchronized but I will surely want only my current project to be synchronized with maven modules. I see a bit of contradiction here.

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It seems that there's misunderstanding.

I meant that maven tree shows all project that user imported. That is, if you asked Idea to import projects A and B, it would show project A and B - no more, no less. And project view is supposed to show both, A nd B.

If these two views differ from each other, that is a problem.
If it so, please let me know.


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