"Open Files" scope

I've just discovered the Changed Files scope - what can I say - genius!

But is there an Open Files scope?

I can't tell you how useful it would be to be able to see my currently-open files, within a streamlined project tree! 

I'll be submitting a feature request if this isn't possible for sure.

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There are View > Recent Files and Recently Changed Files panels that may show you the files you edited or opened recently.

And there is also Autoscroll from Source option in Project tool window that will always focus on an opened file (available via the Settings button that looks like cog, in the top right corner of the Project tool window.

Would these options be suitable?

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Hey Vladimir,

Thanks as always for your helpful replies ;)

Yes, these are super-awesome features that I use all the time!

It's just that it would be so useful to be able to see the files in context of their location, rather than just a flat list.

I used to use the Open Files widget in Komodo IDE, but unfortunately, they never implemented a tree version:

Given that internally, PHPStorm's scoping function has the ability to filter "changed" files, I assume that there's some generalised mechanism that could also access and filter by "open" files.



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Changed files is somewhat different as they are taken from the version control perspective. If we don't have a VCS integration, we won't have Changed FIles scope either.


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