Flex dev performance issues

Hi all.  We have a very large Flex project that we are working on. It has about 9 different modules and in each module there are hundreds of source code files. We have noticed that there has been a dramatic IntelliJ performance hit as our project grows.  IntelliJ will be come unresponsive, type ahead will freeze, the ability to type anything will freeze and several times a day IntelliJ will simply hang and will have to be stopped and restarted.  Has anyone come up with a good configuration with IntelliJ working with Flex that allows for good performance? I know inspections can be set, but I have yet to find the magic set. Any help will be "HUGELY" appreciated!!ThanksRick

Your project size is not huge at all and its size shouldn't cause any performance issues.
Do you have mostly *.as or *.mxml files? Are there big <fx:Script> code blocks in *.mxml files?

When IntelliJ IDEA freezez it saves thread dumps automatically. Please attach them zipped if any (to find loction use Help | Show logs).
Also CPU snapshot may help to analyze the problem. Instructions are here: http://devnet.jetbrains.com/docs/DOC-192


I had that problem until I changed all references to //STORAGE  to be another drive letter.


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