Importing web project from Eclipse


I've just imported a dynamic web project from Eclipse and I've hit a couple of issues.

Firstly, all classes that should be found in Maven jars aren't being found in the project, such as below...


However, I've tried a number of different resolutions, such as the ones on StackOverflow here...

I've tried reimporting all maven projects, deleting the intelliJ system directory, going to File | Invalidate Caches and restarting, but the code editor always thinks the classes can't be found.

If I go to Module | Make Project, I do get about 100+ error messages regarding cannot find symbol, all to do with the classes that should come from the maven project.

Does anyone have any advice on this?

If it's any relevence, there doesn't seem to be anyway to run the project on Tomcat.  When I click on the project then go to Run | Run | edit configurations, I get the following window.


However - the run button is always greyed out.  My apologies I'm still very new to IntelliJ, do I need to set the project facets or something so it will run as on Tomcat?  I have tomcat7 installed and I've set the configuration location.

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