Breakpoints does not work with Local Tomcat Configuration

I have a problem with debugging Local Tomcat configuration.
I've configured Local Tomcat configuration: it works, application is deployed.
But when I set some breakpoints in servlet code: I see breakpoints marked with cross.

As it was advised in another discussion(,  
I've checked "Settings ->Compiler->Java Compiler -> Generate debugging info check-box.
But this action didn't take affect: I'm still see cross-marks in breakpoints

In the tooltip I can see the following message:

"   Line 35 in Login.execute()(my.sample.servlet)
   Warning: No executable code found at line 35 in class my.sample.servlet.Login
    Suspend: all;
    Log message: No;

JetBrains developers, could you, please, advise something to make breakpoints work?

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