What is "managed dependency"?

When I press ALT+ENTER in a pom file, a Generate menu appears. This menu contains an item called "managed dependency". When I choose this item, an empty dialog box called "Choose Dependency" appears(see attachment). And I can't do anything with this dialog box. What is managed dependency? And how can I use it?

Screenshot from 2013-09-03 23:58:33.png
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Managed dependency is a dependency defined in <dependencyManagement> section of pom.xml  . You pom.xml has no managed dependencies so dialog is emply.
Perhaps this dialog is not informative, I've create an issue IDEA-113278

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I thought this as a dependency template manager. For example, when I choose "gwt-bootstrap dependencies", Intellij adds related dependency definitions into my pom.xml. That would be a nice feaure, isn't it? I would not have to remember, or copy/paste dependencies from previous projects.


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