Deleting contexts


this seems kind of an obvious question, but despite of googling and searching the forums i still have no answer.
How can i delete a context in Idea? Or how do i overwrite an old context?
(I use IDEA vor ActionScript development, in case this is of any importance)



Your best friend in IntelliJ IDEA is 'Find Action' (Ctrl+Shift+A). Type 'context' word there and you'll find out that actions to manipulate tasks and contexts are located under Tools | Tasks&Contexts.


Thanks Alexander, found it!
However "clear context" only closes the current windows.
You have to "load context" then press the right arrow and choose remove to delete it. Maybe this would be a good idea to put it in the Idea FAQs where contexts are explained?
"Context Info" which also comes up does nothing and seems not even to be related to the contexts? A bit confusing.


Word 'context' is very general. 'Context info' action is from 'Code View Actions' group. When caret is inside some big function and function signature is outside of visible screen 'Context info' will show you functino signature in a popup.


Thanks for the info Alexander.


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