help in debugging Air iPad app

I have a rather complex media app that builds using Ant. It produces both APK and IPA output. The APK is working OK, but the IPA has issues. I need to do some debugging to get to the bottom of it.

I have tried to replicate the build process inside Intellij by adding resource folders etc... but something isn't working properly and the result isnt usable to debug with.

Does anyone know how to hook up Intellij's Air debugging capability to an iOS application that I built (with debug capability) outside of Intellij? I can skip compilation but it still tries to package the build profile etc.  I just want to make the debugger start listening without sending a new app over to the iPad.

thanks for any ideas!


The easiest way to debug already installed app on the device is to use the new feature of IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP. Open Run | Edit Configurations, click [+] to add a new run configuration, select 'Flash Remote Debug' in the popup, give it some name, select 'Debugged app runs on iOS device', adjust other params if needed, press OK and launch it for debug. Note that your IPA package created by ant script must be created in a special way so that it is applicable for debugging over USB (recommended) or over local network.


Also I can help you with configuring the project, so that you are able to compile, package, install and debug the app just with one click from IntelliJ IDEA. First of all check that source folders are configured properly, next make sure that correct custom app descriptor template is set at Android adn iOS tabs, check that files/folders to include in package are configured properly at Android nad iOS tabs. Come back to me if you still have problems after that.


Wow, you guys must be reading my mind! This is the second time I have run into a limitation only to have it be a fresh new feature in EAP! Sounds to be exactly what I need. I will give it a try.

I did eventually get my project to be 95% functional compiled from Intellij but this is still a wonderful new feature for me because of the long packaging time making the APK.


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