Creating Simple Java Application Not Working As Expected

If I create a simple Java application with a main method and a System.out.printn() method, then right-click in the code window, I no longer see the various Run/Compile options.

The project has Java 7 in the path and "intellisense" is working fine.

I'm really confused how Intellij got confused.

I've tried various things in the project settings I've fround to reset menus and such, but my right-click menu just doens't have these Run options when I'm in the code window with the main method.

If I manually go to Edit Configurations and create a new configuration and point to my main method there, THEN I get the green ">" button where I can run the code.

Look forward to any suggestions how to fix this.


-- m


Are you using the latest IntelliJ IDEA 13 EAP (130.1619)? There's a bug that is already fixed in the new upcoming EAP.


Thanks for your reply.:)

No, I'm using version 12 on the Mac. I decided to try to re-install and that fixed the issue. Not sure what happened.

Thanks again.

- M


Next time you can try File | Invalidate Caches and IDE restart instead of reinstall.


That's a great tip. Thanks.

I always forget to try that.

Not sure exactly what the Invalidate Cache does, but it's helped me in the past. :)

- m


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