Hibernate Bytecode Instrumentation

How do I get intellij to instrument byte code before running my unit tests? How are others doing it? My issue is that I use some features of hibernate that require byte code instrumentation and I cannot test them properely without it. FWIW, I had the same problem with EclipseLink.

Did other's move to Eclipse or did they figure out how to make this part of the quick test + code + debug workflow?



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Hi Robert,

The ide provides 'before launch' facility, i.e. it's possible to instruct it to perform particular task before actually running new process.

How that instrumentation is performed? Do you need to compile the sources by a dedicated compiler or specify an agent which does the instrumentation at runtime? Something else?


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Are most people performing static weaving for EclipseLink using the Before Launch feature? Any tutorials on how to configure this? I have it happening in Maven using a plug-in but I prefer to debug my tests in IntelliJ. Thanks!


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