Eclipselink static weaving

Hi all,
I use Spring with eclipselink. Eclipselink requires static weaving for entity classes(to support lazy load) when running outside of EE container. I use maven plugin to perform static weaving of entity classes. The main problem is that idea overwrites instrumented classes in target directory when running project in debug, so lazy load will not work. In JPA facet i did not found 'Perform static weaving' for eclipselink provider :) So is there any way to workaround this problem(disabling make on run is not an option:) )?


Did you ever find a solution for this or did you just move to Eclipse which does support static weaving for EclipseLink in the IDE?


EclipseLink does not require static weaving. Feel free to use dynamic weaving with a load-time-weaver. However, static weaving has a lot of advantages like a better performance. On the other hand it is less comfortable to work in an IDE with an additional compiler step. You can create build hooks in IDEA. For example right-click in the Maven tool window on the appropriate Maven goal and select 'Execute after Build'.

You can find another solution in my stackoverflow answer here:


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