OT: weird compile error: cannot access

Hi all,

Completely off topic, sorry, but this is really strange, maybe someone here knows the answer. I'm compiling my project, and I'm getting the following error:

WARN /Users/colin/dev/platform/com.mycorp.runtime.pipeline/trunk/src/com/mycorp/runtime/pipeline/AbstractPipelineComponent.java:85: cannot access org.osgi.service.event.Event
WARN file org/osgi/service/event/Event.class not found
WARN final ErrorNodeEvent error = new ErrorNodeEvent(runtimeIdentifier, e);
WARN 1 error

ErrorNodeEvent is derived from DeploymentEvent, which is derived from Event, the class it can't find. But surely it's not required to compile an instantiation of ErrorNodeEvent? It has access to the ErrorNodeEvent and DeploymentEvent classes.

Any ideas?


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