Spring Data JPA Version Support?

Hello folks,

I am evaluating IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.4 for use on our team (we are getting just plain tired of the performance problems with Eclipse).  So far looks fantastic.

I do have a question on Spring Data JPA support.  We are using Spring Data JPA v1.3.x.  

Am I right in that IntelliJ support is for Spring Data JPA is based on v1.0.0?  I ask because the "use library" dropdown is empty when I try to configure the Spring Data JPA facet when I do have spring-data-jpa-1.3.2 referenced in my pom and showing up in IntelliJ external libraries list.

Even though I was not sucessful in configuring the Spring Data JPA facet, the inspector is active, and while it is handy, it seems to be getting a bit confused.

For example it does not seem to understand native queries.

    @Modifying     @Query(value = "load data local infile ?1 replace into table property character set utf8 fields terminated by ',' optionally enclosed by '\"'", nativeQuery = true)     void bulkLoad(String csvFileLocation);

The inspector complains that 'load' is unexpected.

It also might be getting confused with the Or operator?

    List <Property> findByOrgId(String orgId);

It warns that it cannot resolve property 'gId'.

Much thanks in advance for any tips,


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Lee, I'm having the exact same warning issues showcased in your "findByOrgId" example. I've scoured the web looking for "me too" cases, but haven't found any other than yours. It appears that IntelliJ is evaluating "Or" as an operator and ending evaluation right there, rather than exploring the possibility that what looks like an operator might actually be part of a property name. Anyway, I just ignore it, but it does force me to double check just in case I have a typo.


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