What is the secret to make Idea usable on Mac OSX?

I have noticed quite a few people in the forum are successfully using Apple machines.

A colleague is currently trying to start to work on our project on his own apple notebook.
Up to now we have wasted two days in trying to get Idea 7.0.1 to run successfully.
The errors are too many and too obscure to individually file Jira requests.

The biggest single issue was that the fslogger is not working at all. After an subversion update Idea was forever stuck with old versions.

Other than that: Project get corrupted after restart, rebuild hangs forever, html files do not get deployed occasionally, path variables don't get resolved, etc. pp.

Is there a hidden mac-os-bugs=off switch to set, somewhere?

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The fix for fslogger is to simply DELETE IT. It will fall back to doing the checks without using undocumented OS X features, which actually works.

(You can also do this through the Finder by using 'Show Package Contents')

For some reason Jetbrains has been IGNORING this issue since multiple people reported it since it was introduced in 6.0. It is still broken and people still report the same issue. Unfortunately Jetbrains is completely ignorant or simply not interested in fixing this.


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I have not tried 7, but I had no issues with the EAP on Tiger.


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