Using the Maven Surefire Report plugin


I'm a beginner so please bear with me.  If there is a more relevant place to post this, or more specific forum, please feel free to point me the way.

I am trying to generate an html test report using the plugin.  When I do a 'Site' from within Intellij, I get .txt and .xml files dropped in the <project>\target\surefire-reports folder, but no HTML report.

I have tried to follow the advice over at Maven:

My POM has the following:


Anyone able to help?


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I think you're looking in the wrong place. Try looking in target/site/ for surefire-report.html

According to the docs...

A HTML report should be generated in ${basedir}/target/site/surefire-report.html.

But you're looking in <project>\target\surefire-reports
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You were correct! thanks!

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Glad I could help :)


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