Develop with Pleasure II: modest missing features

Time for another trip down "Develop with Pleasure" lane, this time to tell us what missing feature would add to your development pleasure.

Let's focus this thread on modest (as in not rewrite the roadmap) features that are missing from IDEA. To give your feature the best chance of implementation and to help JetBrains, please include a JIRA issue with hyperlink. If the topic is one you want to dialog about first to shape the feature request, that's good too as long as you end up with the JIRA issue. Please add a comment about your bug in the post.

Try to keep the focus away from the very recent new feature functionality that is already part of JetBrains' current focus. - this thread is more for older requests, the backlogged, the languishing, the unassigned, the never JIRAed, etc.

FYI - To create an issue, go here & select IDEA feedback:!default.jspa
Once you add an issue, JetBrains can track it. You might also search the issue tracker to see if your issue has already been added but not implemented.

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