Create a helpful Maven dependency diagram?

A new project I am working one has about 55 maven modules.
I tried to use IDEA to create a dependencies diagram on all modules, but failed completely.

When invoked on the main pom IDEA shows exactly a single node in the diagram. Doh.
When invoked on a sub-module it shows exactly the handfull dependencies that are directly declared in the pom.xml (and are also visible in the maven toolwindow under the dependencies ). Not helpful at all.

I found one central module that has lots of dependencies and IDEA created this diagram:
The diagramm has many more nodes as I have modules in my project.
Trying to do anything with that diagram (like zoom-in) makes IDEA unresponsive for a minute or so.

Isn't there a way to get a diagram of the 55 modules in my project with each module showing exactly once, dependencies shown correctly and nicely layed-out?

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Not a helpful advice, just a couple of issues requiring similar things:

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