Ubuntu eats my shortcuts: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Up/Down


I am about to finish a big refactoring and want to clean up my changes before commit.

There are keyboard shortcuts to navigate to the next/previous change in a file: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Down/Up
However IDEA never receives those keystrokes.

I managed to get rid of all other conflicting shortcuts in Ubuntu, but cannot figure out who eats these particular three-modifiers-combinations :-(

Ubuntu 12.0.4 with Cinnamon 1.8.8

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System > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Navigation > Move window one workspace to the <direction>
Change or disable them. As for me, I never used those operations so I disabled them.


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Thanks for the answer.
I already disabled all shortcuts there, so _all_ items in there only show "unassigned" and no other item in any of the other category has such a mapping:

When I run "xev" in the terminal it displays
   KeymapNotify event, serial 32, synthetic NO, window 0x0,
when I press ctrl-alt-shift-down.
For all regular combinations it shows proper Keypress events.

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How did you solve this problem? I have exactly the same issues

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In the end I switched to Kubuntu 😊

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Initially I gave up and assigned a different keyboard shortcut to move to next/previous change. I just revisited this approach since I wanted to use the default shortcuts. I ended up having a to disable the following in order to get it working as expected 

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In Ubuntu Unity 8 (based on Gnome Shell, Ubuntu 18.04 or newer), by default the `Shift+Meta+Page Up` is used for "move window one workspace up", but I think there is also an invisible binding for `Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up` as well. You can get rid of this invisible binding, by opening the Settings / Devices / Keyboard and manually setting the "Move window one workspace up" to Shift+Meta+Page Up. The setting key combination will show in bold, and now the `Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up` should no longer be captured by Unity.

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I am using CLion in Ubuntu and I had a simiar issue but with a different key binding Ctrl+Alt+Up. I tried different approached but none worked. Reading Skype Book's comment https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=321094  pointed me in the right direction. What did the trick for me was to

  1. install dconf-tools
  2. run dconf-editor
  3. Under compiz->profiles->unity->plugins->grid, removed put-maximize key

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