IDEA 12.1.4 sometimes hangs , high cpu usage.

I have a javascript project.
recently I found that sometimes the idea takes very high cpu usage and memory and it hangs , I need to close it via the process explorer.
it seems to happen more frequently recently
Please help.

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A majority of the time, such problems are due to a problem in a third party plug-in. You can try disabling all third party plug-ins and see if the issue goes away. If so, search for the problem plug-in by selectively enabling them. Once you find the culprit, contact the plug-in's developer. If that does not solve it, I recommend you take a CPU and Memory Snapshot and submit them to JetBrains. They can then advise you on what the issue might be. You may also want to increase the memory allocation to the JVM used by IDEA. The settings are in:

  • Windows (32-bit JVM):   <idea-install-dir>/bin/idea.exe.vmoptions
  • Windows (64-bit JVM):   <idea-install-dir>/bin/idea64.exe.vmoptions
  • Mac:                            <idea-install-dir>/bin/Info.plist

For example, increase the maximum memory:
Do not increase it to more than 700MB. Over that, and you will start to see performance degradation as the Garbage collection becomes too intensive. (That limit is a JetBrains recommendation)
You can also increase the PermSize ( -XX:PermSize=128m) and MaxPermSize (-XX:MaxPermSize=300m) slightly. Again, don't go crazy. A little increase goes a long way ;) The settings I show is what I have been using for ~6 years. I frequently have numerous large projects open simultaneously and have never experienced a performance issue.

Also, sometimes the basics (drive defrag, ensuring enough free space, etc.) can help a lot.

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Hi Mark
"Do not increase it to more than 700MB. "
actually some time ago I set it to -Xmx2048m because someone told me performance improves by increasing max mem and he suggested 2048.
Could this be the problem ?
I will reduce it to 700 and see how things go.
Hope it fixes the problem.

BTW im idea64 . I understand it same for bouth 32 and 64 bit.

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Having 2 gigs of memory could be the cause. At one point, IDEA even opened a warning popup on startup if the more than 700MB of memory was allocated. I'd try the 700MB and see how it does. And yes, that recommendation is for 32 bit and 64 bit.


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