Discussion: RFE to allow code-completion ind {@code ...} tags

Hello all,

Before I file a JIRA-request, I'd like to propose/discuss this here -
just as the subject says, I'd like to have code completion in {@code
...} tags, just like with {@link ...} javadoc-tags, reasons being:

*) Often, I use {@code ...} for JDK-classes instead of @link b/c the
link basically won't work as the JDK-javadocs are separate
*) Among the developers I know, @code is also used to illustrate
concreete method-paramters thus method-completion would also be nice
*) @code annotations should generally contain valid code, which is why
tools like code-completion should be available and the text can then be
modified (just as the example above)

Since I think this is a "low-hanging fruit" (just enable
code-completion, like with @link) I think it would be a nice addition -
unless somebody seriously opposes... thus, comments welcome.

kind regards,


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