how to trace the intelliJ build process?

As I have stated in some posts I am working on a BIG maven project with numerous modules and all the members of my team are saying "why do you use intellij? you know it does not work with Maven!"
the fact is that I spend an enormous amount of time trying to override Maven problems with intelliJ.
the fact is that intelliJ has its own "vision" of a maven build and more often than not things do get generated with Maven but not with IDEA.
Idea is more sensible to minute pom.xml errors while maven is more forgiving.
My latest adventure is that suddenly a code from a member of the team suddenly gets compiled for java 1.6 while it is 1.7 code
the global project configuration says version 1.7, ; every module setting says "1.7",;no maven pom.xml is saying anything else -> maven compiles but not IDEA (that says "-source 1.6" is not correct).
SO I have a suggestion: there should be a way to trace the IDEA path to build something : that is when we call build or make there should be a way to obtain a detailed trace of what IDEA thinks to do from configurations/resources
thus any subtle error in the building process can be found more easily ...
(may be this exists already but I have not found it in the doc .... reading the doc when you use a MAC is not obvious -since many things are different-)

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well now it suddenly works with 1.7!
but my question is still valid: how to trace?

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Hi Bernard,
Make logs most operations it does in a dedicated log file located in <idea-system>/log/build-log/build.log. The build-log.xml log4j file located nearby allows you to edit log level. You can set it DEBUG to obtain more detailed log of compilation steps and options used to compile each module.
Hope this helps.

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<idea-system>/log/build-log/build.log ?
sorry do not find an equivalent on MAC? where is it?

PS: example of trouble: a source file looks ok (no error) when an application is run it does not find the class, then maven generation... then it finds the class. Sometimes the story is different : under debug you are not finding the proper version of the source.... with a complex project this is hell (I've now an extremely unstable application because you never know which version of a class you are going to use when firing maven or intelliJ (or debug on Intellij) their opinion differ! suggestion: when debugging we shoould know from which version the code is "seen" -that is in which jar it has been extracted)

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> sorry do not find an equivalent on MAC? where is it?
The easiest way to find logs is to use the action "Help | Show Log in Finder".
This will open the location of IDEA's main log file. At the same level there will be the "build-log" directory.

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thank you ...
in fact I found this directory before .... but there is no "build.log" directory in it (So I thought it was not the right one)

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> but there is no "build.log" directory in it

What is the exact build number of your IDEA?

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could have migrated to 11.1.5 but was too lazy
for later versions was  waiting for a Groovy bug to be set
(but is is set: I just have to test)
may be I can change it right now

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Ah, I thought you were talking about the latest versions.
For version 11.x all the information is logged to idea.log
You may want to set more detailed logging level by adding the following to idea-home/bin/log.xml:

  <category name="#com.intellij.compiler" >
    <priority value="DEBUG"/>
    <appender-ref ref="FILE"/>

Don't forget to restart IDEA

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