Block scope indicator missing from gutter in Darcula theme


I'm using IDEA 12.1.4 community edition with the Darcula theme.

According to I should see a blue outline in the editor gutter showing the current block scope. This isn't appearing. if I switch back to the default theme then it shows up as expected.

Is this intended? If at all possible I would like to have the block scope indicator appear while using the Darcula theme as I find it very useful. If this is a bug, does anyone know when it will be fixed?



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Thanks Konstantin.

I'm not really sure how Intellij releases are handled. On the issue page you linked it lists "Fix Versions" as 13. Am I correct in assuming that the fix will be distributed with IDEA version 13? If so, when is that expected to be released?

Thanks again.

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The fix will be available here: this Thursday or so. We only backport critical issues to the 12 branch. As a workaround you can go to Settings -> Editor -> Fonts & Colors -> General. Save Darcula scheme as MyDarcula (or whatever you want). Then go to Matched brace option and change background option. Play with colors and save.

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Thanks, that worked.


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