Debugging AS3 mobile application on the emulator VS on the device question

Hello community,

I am developping a Flash AS3 mobile game (using feathers and starling).

I am in the debugging stage and I have some issues with using the emulator:

I am using the touch event to get the player's taps on the device.

<some sprite>.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH, onTouch);

This works well when I debug on the device (using a USB port). When I run the emulator, I get the touch event when I hover the sprite...somekind of roll over behaviour which does not happen in mobile (or not supposed to happen).

Has any one debug the same code on the device and with the emulator ?.

Or has seen any documentation about it ?.



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As your question doesn't seem to be related to IntelliJ IDEA I think the best place to ask is Adobe's forum.

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Ok, I got it now....Thanks Elisheva

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Questions about IntelliJ IDEA are welcome.


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