What is the difference between "Import into Subversion" and "Share Project (Subversion)"?

Dear Developers,

Could you help me to understood, what is the difference between "Import into Subversion" and "Share Project (Subversion)"?

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Thank you in advance for your help,

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Hello Vladyslav,

1.       Import into subversion command is for importing project to svn repository. It useful in case you want to import your project to several places or import to different from current folder or repository. Also you can import any project, file to repository, not necessarily currently opened.  It’s not preferable command to place your project under VCS, because after importing need to checkout it to separate working copy
2.       Share Project – is action for only case you have project not under version control and want to place it under svn by easy way:

You should select “Share Project” command(select target path, parameters if needed and click share). Further you just should to commit and currently opened project is placed under version control


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