Opening a file with "double click" - not always works

I always set my Microsoft mouse to make a "double click" when clicking the wheel button, it's very comfortable. Now, I see IDEA not always opens the file when I click it with with a wheel (thus, meaning the "double click") - most of the times it opens the file but sometimes it does not even after wheel-clicking it a number of times.
A usual double-click works just fine.

Did anybody else notice that ? Should I file a JIRA ?


It's very unlikely that has anything to do with IDEA.



Hello Evgeny,

What makes you so sure ? :)

I'd expect that you would see the same behavior in any other Swing application.

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
JetBrains, Inc.
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Ah, sure, if that's the case - I agree. So I still wonder - did anybody see a similar behavior in IDEA or any other Swing application ?


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