how to switch between branchs (svn)

      I don't know how to switch between branchs?(svn),The project contains many modules,but the code has move from one branch to other ,any one can give me some suggestion?
      Thanks in advance..

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if you want to switch between different branches in the same working copy, you can use the corresponding option in the Update dialog:
invoke VCS -> Update Project... and select "Update/switch to specific url" checkbox. Select the branch in the UseBranch field.
Before you select the branch the very first time, you need to configure branches, so you may get the corresponding  dialog there.

If you get no UpdateProject dialog (update is performed silently) then check Settings -> Project Settings -> Version Control -> "Confirmations" tab -> Display options dialog -> Update

Another option is to check out different branches separately and have separate Idea projects in different working copies.


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