Deeper Maven2 unittest integration


when playing around with the latest Netbeans 6.0 Beta1, I encountered a very useful feature in their Maven2 integration.
When one launches the Maven2 build including unittests, and a unittest fails, the console message indicating that test failure is also link that directs the user directly into the according surefire-Testresults file, so the user can not only see that a test failed but also see the junit test output.
Furthermore the stacktrace in the failing junit testcase result is also clickable, so the user can directly navigate to the line of code causing the test failure.

It would be really cool if IDEA would have such a deep Maven2 integration too, since in Netbeans the IDE behaviour and functionality when building with Maven2 is exactly the same as when building with the internal IDE compiler.

Is there anything like this planned for 7.0 I perhaps missed?


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No, it was not planned for 7.0.
But you may create new jira request and we probably include it in next idea version


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