IDEA CE 12.1.4 - Ubuntu x64 - Too many files open!

After I installed IDEA CE 12.1.4 I keep gettin error "too many files open". After that I have to restart IDEA to be able to save changes. To be clear, I did not change anything in the system since the previous IDEA version so I am pretty confident that this is 12.1.4 bug.

Also to be clear, I increased the number of "open files" on Ubuntu in the file

/etc/security/limits.conf so it's not the issue with it. 

How this bug happens:
- I work in idea on Android Java projects
- suspend the system leaving IDEA on
- put the system out of suspend mode and keep working in idea
- after some time, IDEA is no longer able to save changes and "too many files open" message appears.

The message will appear even if only one XML or Java file is open.


What is your open file limit set at out of curiosity? (ulimit -n) I am using 12.1.4 on Mac OS with a open file limit of 2560 and I don't have any issues.

Have you tried using "lsof" to see what is opened and if there is a particular file/directory/socket that is using a lot of file descriptors?


1024 files. the odd thing is that I never before had to set this limit and "too many open files" started only with the latest build. And I've been using IDEA for over 2 years now. That's why I concluded it's IDEA's bug and not my configuration.


What is the lsof command showing? It might lead you to what is taking all the file descriptors.


Yes, I see that FUSE file system is using a lot of files. I set limit to 10 x 1024. Hope I won't see this message again.


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