IntelliJ IDEA with Android Methods? how I can get them?


IntelliJ IDEA is powerful IDE for android better then eclipse,

but I want to know how I can Get Android Method such As onPause and onCreate in Eclipse, rigth click and source -> Override... and get all Avtivity Methods or List Activity

this is very importent thing..

Thanks in advance

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  • Opening code complete (Ctrl+Space) will show you all methods (and variables) that are in scope.
  • If you want to override a method,
    1. type Alt+Insert
      • or via menu: Code > Generate
      • or right-click and select 'Generate...' from the context menu
    2. Select "Override Methods..."  
      • You can select using the down arrows, or
      • the mouse, or
      • you can just start typing (ov for example) to use inline search which will narrow the list down until just the override methods option shows and then hit enter
    3. Select the method(s) you want to override and hit enter
      • Again, you can use inline search to search for the method
      • If the method is already overridden in the class, it will not show in the list
  • You can also open the "Structure tool window" and configure it to show inherited methods. This will simply show the methods. You can configure it so clicking on a method takes you to it in the editor window.
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    You know what, IntelliJ IDEA JUST Awesome

    just let me build my app. ...

    thank you mark, for your time and answer

    Y A.


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