executuable jar application facet

The other day after years of happily using Idea for relatively complex J2EE
style apps, I found myself needing to have a simple java standalone app
running from an executable jar. After trying every button and widget in the
current Idea EAP (7323) I have come to the awkward conclusion that either I
am totally missing how Idea deals with such things (quite possible) or that
it is essentially an unsupported use case. After hours and hours of trying
to create a reliable executable jar that also builds in the ant build
scripts I am not starting to believe that is not even possible -- it
certainly could use a decently designed feature such as an 'executable jar
facet' to make it possible to build such applications types without the
hassle I am so far finding.

Does anyone else have this experience? Any pointers to some documentation
that makes describe Idea's approach to a seemingly very important java
output format ?


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