Coffee script syntax highlighting issues

Hi, there are a few discrepancies i have seen in the CoffeeScript syntax highlight (I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.4)...

when using the existential operator, the local variable syntax is lost:
if localVar?
  do someting...
In the above, localVar will no longer be hilighted as a local variable

using destructuring assigment in a class prototype method,
init: (opts) ->
  {@name, @age, @height} = opts
causes IDEA to mark the three vars @name etc with "Unresolved variable or type", whereas the long method
  @name =
  @age = ...
is fine

finally - a question:
How do I set the syntax hilight for parameters in coffee script? Mine is simply white itallic:

  • Changing the language defaults for parameter has no effect
  • Coffescript itself has no setting for parameter

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Hello Gilbert,

I've create and issue for the first problem:

The second and the third issues already fixed in IDEA 13 EAP.

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Great, thanks - look forward to stable v13

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I've just fixed the first issue too.


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