Configuring the classpath to be used for facet functionality

I'm one of those weird people who like to keep their compile-time classpath separate from their run-time classpath.

IDEA doesn't qupport this directly, but the commonly accepted workaround for that is to do the following:
- setup a "run module" for the root of your multi-module project (this also helps you access any files that happen to be in the overall project, but outside any module subdirectory)
- add all the jars that you only need to runtime as module libraries of the "run module"
- setup the run module to depend on your normal source modules
- setup any junit/application/applet run configurations to point to use the run module's classpath

Problem is, I can't see any way to do a similar thing for facet related functionality.

Specifically, I have had class not found problems for two separate pieces of facet related functionality:
- Spring facet; custom namespace validation
(the initial class not found relates to a commons logging class)
- Hibernate facet: HSQL console and
(the inital class not found relates to a dom4j class)

Any workaround for this?
(with the understanding that adding those runtime-only jars to my module classpath is pretty much unacceptable to me)

Could I maybe dump all the jars needed for the facet functionality in some IDEA directory somewhere?

Too late to raise a JIRA issue at this point?



We consider resources references from spring files to be the same kind
of compile-time dependencies as references from Java. That's why we
don't feel it's right to introduce special dependencies for facets.

However, you can always raise an issue in JIRA and if it gets enough
attention from users we'll certainly re-evaluate our position.


Neither commons-logging nor dom4j, nor any of the two dozen jars I would have to dump on my classath are Spring resource references.

If, by your statement, you were implying that classes related to the namespace I was trying to do custom validation for are a compile time dependency... I agree. That's why the spring-context.jar is on my compile time classpath.

Anyway, issue is raised:


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