web.xml validation error : servlet not a subclass of javax.servlet.servlet

i have a web module, whose web.xml defines some servlets.
THe servlet implementation classes are defined in another module, which the web module depends on.

module A (java nature)
- defines some servlet classes
- depends on the Web Container (Websphere) J2EE libraries

module B (web nature)
- defines a web.xml whose servlets are defined in A
- depends on A
- depends on the Web Container (Websphere) J2EE libraries

Those servlet declarations are flagged by IDEA, as
Error:Error:line (88)'com.hsbc.hbfr.cso.presentation.common.util.configuration.InitializationServlet' is not a subclass of 'javax.servlet.Servlet'
Error:Error:line (72)'com.hsbc.hbfr.cso.presentation.common.util.refdata.RefDataServlet' is not a subclass of 'javax.servlet.Servlet'

After verification, those classes extend java.servlet.http.HttpServlet, which is a subclass of Servlet.

Any clue ?

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Remove any duplication of Servlet class in your classpath

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I have double checked and there is only one occurence of the Servlet/HttpServlet classes in my libraries (as shown by the attached screenshot)

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So far I could not reproduce it. Could you attach your ipr/iml files?

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I jsut found that if I switch my project JDK from the WAS 6.0 provided one to IDEA's one, the problem goes away, and comes back if i switch back to WAS 6.0.

Strange thing though, is the WAS 6.0 jdk i've configureed does not include any J2EE classes (it's configured to include only WAS_HOME/java/jre/lib jar files.

My modules both use this WAS 6.0 jdk and WAS 6.1 JEE server libraries. Those 2 do not overlap.

I've also tried replacing the WAS j2ee library with the one bundled in IDEA, and I witness the same problem (works with IDEA jdk, but not with WAS 6 JDK.).

I'm not able to reproduce the problem in a new project though


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