Unable to debug using Coffee script maps

Hi, I know this has been posted a few times before - but I still can't seem to close the loop here... my debugger does not stop at coffee breakpoints. I'm using a remote javascript Debug run profile.
So, I've followed the routine:

  • Generated js and map files
  • Checked the js files have the coment at the bottom:

//@ sourceMappingURL=app.map

  • Checked the maps are referencing my source:

  "version": 3,
  "file": "app.js",
  "sourceRoot": "",
  "sources": [
  "names": [],

  • note: all the files are currently in the same folder
  • I'm on IntelliJ 12.1.3
  • I'm using coffee-script 1.6.3 to generate js and map - with a file watcher: "coffee -c -m $FileName$"

--js and map files do not appear as child nodes to the coffee files in the IDE- is this ok?

my js debugs just fine - my coffee never get the ok tick on the breakpoint and never stops... Any suggestions welcome - being wracking my brains over this for some time now.

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Guys, any help on this will be appreciated - I'm not sure what more to try.

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Could you try IDEA 13 EAP (http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/IDEADEV/IDEA+13+EAP )?

"js and map files do not appear as child nodes to the coffee files in the IDE- is this ok?"
It is ok (it happens if you generate sourcemaps by hand (terminal command) instead of filewatchers).

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I am using a file watcher - perhaps not correctly...

<TaskOptions isEnabled="true">
      <option name="arguments" value="-c -m $FileName$" />
      <option name="checkSyntaxErrors" value="true" />
      <option name="description" value="Compiles .coffee files into .js files" />
      <option name="exitCodeBehavior" value="NEVER" />
      <option name="fileExtension" value="coffee" />
      <option name="immediateSync" value="true" />
      <option name="name" value="CoffeeScript [map]" />
      <option name="output" value="" />
      <option name="outputFilters">
        <array />
      <option name="outputFromStdout" value="false" />
      <option name="passParentEnvs" value="true" />
      <option name="program" value="C:\Users\Gilbert\AppData\Roaming\npm\coffee.cmd" />
      <option name="scopeName" value="Project Files" />
      <option name="trackOnlyRoot" value="true" />
      <option name="workingDir" value="$FileDir$" />
      <envs />

Does v13 have potential to break my v12 install or projects?

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Yes, your project will be converted due to "We have also merged the remote and local run configurations for JavaScript debugging; now there’s just a single configuration type."

>>> I am using a file watcher - perhaps not correctly..
Is sourcemap file updated on edit Coffee file?

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Yeah, the map file is updated every time

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Hi Vladimir, so I got to branch and install v13 - same behaviour as before - stopping on js breakpoints, but not coffee. I'm sure it must be something simple i'm missin - perhaps we can do a shared desktop session?

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Question answered - I was using Firefox - coffee debugging only supported in Chrome. Thanks Valdimir!


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