Moving from NetBeans to IDEA, have a couple of questions


I'm trying to move from NetBeans to Intellij IDEA and have some difficulties. Could you help me finding out the right way to achieve the following please?

We in our company have about 70 different maven-based web-projects (most of them are unrelated JAX-WS webservices, some webapps and several common libs) and usually I have to work on 2-3 of them each day. In NetBeans I just open the projects I'm going to work on and close the projects I don't need.

As far as I understood, to work on several projects at the same time in IDEA I have to create a project and add them as modules.
The first question is which is the right way in IDEA to handle many modules when I only need few of them? Have all 70 modules loaded in the project or Import the modules I'm going to work on and then remove them when I stop working on them?

Another thing is debugging under Tomcat. In Netbeans I have a single built-in Tomcat. When I hit Debug in any project, it's built and deployed to this Tomcat under context path according to pom.xml's <finalName>. Is there a way to have something like this in IDEA? Or do I have to manually create run/debug config for each of 70 modules?

Thank you in advance!


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