How to setup and run react us with starter kit

I'm just getting into react and I love it. The problem I'm having is all the tutorials I encounter has their own little setups they want you to clone or download from github and I'm looking at my startup menu and my webstorm already has a starter kit with the option of using jade instead of html. The tutorial I'm using is react- redux from pluralsight. Is there any advice or resources on how to use and configure the webstorm startup kit for react? And also any pointers on using jade (or I think it's pug now) in my react_redux application?

Thanx in advance...

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You don't necessary need using New/Project/React starter kit to create a React project.. You can clone any of existing GitHub repositories and open the resultant project stub with File/Open, or create a new empty project and start populating it with new files following the preferred tutorial...


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