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A while ago (1 year) I was using IDEA to create some mods to the game Minecraft.

Minecraft, which is made in java, got a nice modding community which have created easy packages and setup instructions if you want to create your own mods to the game. If you are using eclipse as your IDE there is even a Eclipse workspace/project folder that makes everything very easy to get started.

Everything worked nicely then but now when I returned to the code, after minecraft and some community API were updated I can't get IDEA to work as I want. Apparently I am missing some kind of settings somewhere or have forgotten to specify some folders but I can't manage to figure out where?

I have tried to let IDEA open the eclipse workspace folder but it does not solve the problem either.

My question is, are there anyone in this community that recently have used IDEA to mod minecraft who could share with me the steps to get the environment setup correctly?

I have gotten to like IDEA as my IDE and would love to keep at it and not have to use eclipse just for this.

(The versions that I have been working on is the 11.1 version of IDEA, the 7.22 version of the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP) and the "latest" version of the Minecraft Forge source).


I suspect that the post on minecraft forum is somewhat incorrect - the main red flag is the advice to start your own development project within the minecraft source, which seems problematic for a number of reasons, the leat of which is that you'd need a duplicate forge/mcp setup for each mod to prevent corruption.

Pahimar made a video tutorial showing how to setup eclipse in a more sane manner (project source is completely seperated from libraries, etc.) which worked when I follwed the video with Eclipse, but I haven't figured out how to replicate it in IDEA (mainly because of how the project setups are different)


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