CPU / Memory snapshot with JProfiler instead of YourKit Profiler

Looking at this article (http://devnet.jetbrains.com/docs/DOC-1253), profiling memory and CPU in IntelliJ products is using YourKit Profiler, producing YourKit proprietary format snapshots.
Is there a way to configure the JProfiler as -agentlib in the .vmoptions file? Or at least export these snapshots in something JProfiler would understand?

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Hi Dan,

The ide provides very lightweight support for creating yourkit snapshots - we just bundle yourkit agent within the ide and provide toolbar actions for creating snapshots.

However, IJ is a regular java application and you can profile it with any product you like. AFAIK all contemporary commercial profiles support attach api, so, you can just launch a profiler, connect to the target java application and start recording.



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