Gradle vs Maven dependency display

The new Gradle support in version 12 is really nice, but it is missing one really nice feature that Maven has.  In the Maven window, the list of dependencies only show the ones you specified in the pom.xml file at the top level.  If any dependency brought in transitive dependancies, they are shown as a tree below the parent.  So that means I can see which dependencies depend on each other.

In the Gradle window, the dependency list just shows all the dependencies that are part of the project in one flat list, whether they were specfied in the build.gradle or added as a transitive dependency.  It makes it more difficult to figure out why certain dependencies are there.  The workaround is to run "gradle dependencies" on the command-line to get the information.

Does anyone know if this is coming in a future release?

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Hi Charles,

IJ uses gradle api for retreiving project info and, unfortunately, it doesn't provide that facility.

Feel free to watch/vote up GRADLE-2180


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Thanks.  I didn't realize this was on the Gradle side.


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