IDEA seems incognisant of the Servlet API 3.0 xml schema, nevertheless my web-app deploys ok!?

I am able to deploy my web-application without problems using annotationbased url-mappings, so why does IDEA nevertheless highlight the <metadata-complete> tag as a violation of the schema-definition here?

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 6.36.56 PM.png
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Hello Christian,

I couldn't find anything about a <metadata-complete> tag in web-app XSD, you're probably referring to the same-named attribute on the <web-app> root-tag (see

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Yann, indeed!

The xml was lifted out of an Apress book. I should have questioned it. metadata-complete is, as you say, an attribute of the <web-app> tag and not a tag in itself.  

Thanks for taking the time answering.


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