2D graphics plugin development

Hi guys,

right now I'm doing a research regarding a possible plugin development. We need to develop a 2D graphics plugin which will generate an UML diagram (kind of). I see that Intellij has an UML generator based on the code, but that plugin is not open source unfortunately. Can enybody suggest some starts points to this? For instance, what would be the most suitable Java 2D API for such application? Is there an API that IntelliJ is offering for 2D graphics?



Hi Alexander,

No, IJ doesn't offer any api for drawing/uml generation to plugin writers.



Hi Denis,

thanks for your reply. Now, having in mind that IJ is not offering any API for UML, my next question is what would me the most suitable Java 2D graphics API that integrates smoothly with IJ. I assume that you already have that experience by building the UML plugin, right? For instace, is JavaFX playing nice with the IJ plugin API?



I didn't say there is no uml api :)
I said that uml support is a part of Ultimate Edition, that's why it's closed-source and it's hardly possible for plugin writers to use it.

Regarding the suggested technology - IJ is a swing-based ide, so, you can use any approach which can be integrated with swing.

We're evaluating javafx ourselves right now and, as far as I know, so far so good.



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