Questions on web-services in Idea.

Greetings Gentlemen!

Got some questions on working with web-services in Intellij Idea, at the moment I use 10.5 Ultimate version and going jump to 12 when its completely stable.

1) How do I create asynchronous JAX-WS web-service clients with Idea?
If I need a synchronous client its easy: I go to web-services, open dialog, choose WSDL and implementation and its ready. But there are no getAsyncPort-or-something methods in generated files. As far as I understand I have to put <enableAsyncMapping>true</enableAsyncMapping> line into WSDL to generate corresponding code. But I cannot do it, of course, because I dont control the WSDL. Probably I can generate code from some modified WSDL saved on disk, but its not very convenient. So what is the best way to do it in IDEA?

2) Imagine I have the opposite task: I create not web-service client, but web-service itself. I use Java->WSDL approach. I have coded the classes and want to look at my WSDL. Is there any tools in IDEA to look at WSDL sketch basing on web-service classes created? JAX-WS too.

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