7294 and Ruby Plugin on Mac OS and Ruby Dev in Idea in general


Seems like the current version of the Ruby Plugin causes 7294 to fail to launch after throwing a long exception whose window too large for the screen (under Mac OS X). I am not sure if this is a known issue or even the right place to mention it, but figured it can't hurt too much to do so.

While I am here, if anyone was willing to share some Mac OS X, Ruby development pointers in particular as the pertain to IDEA, I'd appreciate it. I am just getting started with Ruby and I am currently try to figure out the best toolset. I was hoping IDEA would be it.

Thanks in advance.

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To make you feel better.

7291 Selena w/ 7291 plugin.. on a PC

Is worth 0 cents.

Essentially, nothing whatsoever works.

It worked better a number of versions ago.

Right now.. with the 7291 version.. if you have pre-existing rails code.. and you try to import it...

Intellij doesnt' even recognize .rb files.. you have to change the association type of each to "ruby".. then it misses 'requires' (even script/server)

You cannot create a new server (won't let you associate a script file with the server)

I'm so disappointed. I had such high hopes.. after spending money... given the "reputation" of Jetbrains.

Hopefuly the final release of 7.0 has some value.

And i'm not trying to be mean haha.. but seriously people.. there is nothing usefult hat can be done.. whatsoever, with this plugin in its current state.. nothing

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There's a dedicated google user group for discussing ruby on rail
plugin. Please use it for reporting your problems.



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