Minor issues with ant tasks building artifacts

I've created an artifact for a project, and added some pre- and post-build ant tasks. Two issues arose:

1) If the ant task starts with "-", I get an error like:

ant: @#IJIDEA#JUnitSupport#@Unknown argument: -pre-compile

2) The message window doubles "/" characters:


I'm running IJ 12.1.4 on OSX 10.8.4

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Hi Clyde,

Ant documentation states the following:

Targets beginning with a hyphen such as
are valid, and can be used to name targets that should not be called directly from the command line.
For Ants main class every option starting with hyphen is an option for Ant itself and not a target. For that reason calling these target from command line is not possible. On the other hand IDEs usually don't use Ants main class as entry point and calling them from the IDE is usually possible.

The ide indeed uses ant via its starter class, that's why it's not possible to directly call a task which name starts with hyphen.

Was unable to reproduce the problem with double slashes though.


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