Where to change GUI color elements

I'm using v.12x and would like to know where I can change the colors on some of the GUI components - most noteably the scrollbar and/or it's background. The thumbtab is insanely hard to find in the right light conditions (I'm using the dracula color scheme.) I look through all of the selections available in Editor > Colors & Fonts but I'm not seeing anything. (Maybe I missed it?)



Hi Mike,

As far as I see, it's not possible to customize that colors via ide settings ui.

The only way to modify scroll bar background I found is to modify $IDE_HOME/lib/idea.jar/com/ide/ui/laf/darcula/darcula.properties. E.g. scrollbar background color is defined under property named 'control' (note that it affects not only scroll bar background but other controls as well).

Regarding the foreground - the colors are hard-coded at darcula laf, so, there is no way to change them externally.



Thank you, Denis. That sounds like it'll get started in the right direction.

Do you happen to know if the thumb has its own color property in the location you mentioned? (That would be more valuable to my, personally, than the backgorund. Or - is that something that is bound to other elemets as well? (Although I did a quick test on the UI and, at least on my system, the scrollbar color on the editor is different from the navigation panel.)

Thanks again.


No, thumb color is not backed by a property, it's hard-coded, that's why I said that it's not possible to customize it at the moment.

You can create corresponding feature request which targets ability to change it's color via standard ide settings ui



Thanks Denis. (I ddn't realize you were including the Thumbar within the context of "foreground" color.) I'll play the setting that you mentioned and see how that goes. Regards.


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